pac ave records

Pac Ave Records is a student run music label at the University of the Pacific under the direction of Joshua Smotherman. The label is part of a music management curriculum that gives students a hands-on experience while building their resumé.

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The course initially began as a simple opportunity for students to create a label and release an album of their choice under the guidance of faculty. The students were the label staff and learned through first-hand experience what it took to manage an independent label. At the end of the semester, the label would disband, making way for a new batch of students. However, in the Spring of 2012, something different occurred — Pac Ave Records was created.

Pac Ave Records marked the first record label at Pacific to stay for more than just one semester. That Spring, Pac Ave’s first commercial release, Origins, allowed the label to gain connections and goodwill within the industry. At the end of the spring semester, the Pac Ave staff agreed that it was time for a permanent record label at the University of the Pacific. The label would run like it did before: a  course with a new set of students each semester and a clear syllabus. However, students would now have pre-existing material to work with as well as a permanent faculty adviser, a title currently held by Joshua Smotherman.

Pac Ave Records serves the Pacific community and is proud to commercially release artists from both within and outside the Pacific family. For more information, check out our Facebook page or use  the "contact us" bars at the below with any questions on past or new projects.


artist & Repertoire

The Artist & Repertoire team is made up of (top left to right) VP Robby Moore, Michael Camfield, (bottom left to right) Kern Oduro, and Evan Frisbie.

art & production

The Art & Production department is made up of (top left to right) VP Doone'y Harris, Sid Chhetri, (bottom left to right) River Sprague, and Adriana Aguayo. 


This years Business Affairs & Finance team is comprised of (top left to right) VP Elizabeth Shearrow, Amanda Singh, (bottom left to right) Randi Holguin, and Marc Anderson.

sales & marketing

The Sales & Marketing department is made up of (top left to right) VP RJ Bagus, Kaycee Clark, (bottom left to right) Hazile Qe Je't, and Zachary Bushey.

Utility Players

The Utility Players crew is made up of (top left to right) Issadora Ava, Soukay Mbaye, VP Elizabeth Shearrow, and (bottom left to right) VP's RJ Bagus, Doone'y Harris, and Robby Moore.