Pac Ave Records is a student run music label at the University of the Pacific, previously under the direction of Keith Hatschek. The label is part of a music management curriculum that gives students a hands-on experience while building their resumé.

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Meet the staff


This years Business Affairs & Finance team was comprised of (top left to right) VP Elizabeth Shearrow, Amanda Singh, (bottom left to right) Randi Holguin, and Marc Anderson.

sales & marketing

The Sales & Marketing department was made up of  VP RJ Bagus, Kaycee Clark, (bottom left to right) Hazile Qe Je't, and Zachary Bushey.

artist & Repertoire

The Artist & Repertoire team was made up of VP Robby Moore, Michael Camfield, (bottom left to right) Kern Oduro, and Evan Frisbie.

art & production

The Art & Production department included VP Doone'y Harris, Sid Chhetri, (bottom left to right) River Sprague, and Adriana Aguayo. 

Utility Players

The Utility Players crew is made up of (top left to right) Issadora Ava, Soukay Mbaye, VP Elizabeth Shearrow, and (bottom left to right) VP's RJ Bagus, Doone'y Harris, and Robby Moore. 




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Meet the staff

Business Affairs & Finance

The Business Affairs & Finance department was comprised of (left to right) Sarah Werth, June Benoit, and VP Analy Cruz.

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Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing department was comprised of VP Diana Ventura (middle left), Archer Bitner (middle right), Ailey Butler (right), and Isaiah Smith (top). Sarah Werth (left) also helped out when needed.

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Artist & Repertoire

The Artist & Repertoire team was made up of VP Kris Jones (left) and Daniel Nunes (not pictured).  June Benoit (right) also helped out when necessary.

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Art & Production

The Art & Production crew was made up of VP Kortney Burton (left) and K Whittle (right).

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