Pac Ave Records is a student run music label at the University of the Pacific, previously under the direction of Keith Hatschek. The label is part of a music management curriculum that gives students a hands-on experience while building their resumé.

Pac Ave Staff Photo.jpg

Meet the staff

Business Affairs & Finance

The Business Affairs & Finance last year was comprised of (left to right) Sarah Werth, June Benoit, and VP Analy Cruz.

Artist & Repertoire

The Artist & Repertoire team was made up of VP Kris Jones (left) and Daniel Nunes (not pictured).  June Benoit (right) also helped out when necessary.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing department was comprised of VP Diana Ventura (middle left), Archer Bitner (middle right), Ailey Butler(right), and Isaiah Smith (top). Sarah Werth (left) also helped out when needed.

Art & Production

The Art & Production crew was made up of VP Kortney Burton (left) and K Whittle (right).